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Laura Petherbridge

Life Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Author


Topic : Blended Families /


Author, speaker and life coach, Laura Petherbridge is The Smart Stepmom.

Laura grew up having 2 stepmoms and 1 stepdad, 1 biological brother, 2 stepbrothers and one-half brother. She became a stepmom when she married Steve.

After a stepfamily childhood  and 36 years of blending a family as a stepmom, Laura shares:

  • How stepfamilies differ from nuclear families
  • The most common mistakes couples make when blending
  • The most common trigger issues for blending a family
  • Why it’s crucial to discuss certain issues before creating a stepfamily
  • When and why the kids reject a stepparent
  • Where to find help and hope when it gets complicated